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Minnesota Divorce and Family Law Mediation

You may have heard of “alternative dispute resolution” or ADR. The alternatives include, arbitration, mediation, combination of mediation and arbitration and other out of court options for solving the conflicts you may have with your spouse, former spouse or partner.

Mediation is probably the most common ADR method used in family matters. It is a facilitative process which means that a neutral person, the Mediator, helps the clients create their own solutions to their conflicts that reflects each person’s needs and values. As a family law attorney for nearly 20 years, I am well-versed in the variety of issues common to divorcing couples and their families. I have had additional training specific to family law and divorce mediation and am on the Supreme Court roster of qualified neutral mediators. The goal is to end up with a written agreement that everyone feels is fair and best for them and their family into the future.


Mediation is beneficial at any point in the legal process. Why?

  • Flexibility– unlike the rules of court procedure, you can choose the pace of the process and work together to schedule meetings and times that work for you.
  • Affordability– mediation costs a fraction of what it would cost to litigate in court.
  • Control over the outcome– probably the biggest benefit is that you get to design your future instead of having a judge design if for you. No one knows your family or finances the way you do. Most everyone feels more satisfied with a negotiated agreement than with a court order.
  • Privacy– everything discussed in mediation is confidential. Neither the mediator nor anything talked about in mediation can be brought into court.

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