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Cindy M. Perusse clearly defines, “Above the Rest.” She is an experienced attorney supporting Father’s rights in the Family Law realm! Knowledgeable, consistent, and attentive to the child’s needs are just a few additional attributes Cindy displays. Her court presence and delivery brings out the true meaning of being prepared. Her reputation stands on her merits ” Highly effective and successful”! We are fortunate to be represented by Cindy M. Perusse!

Tom H. ~client 2009

Cindy is a consummate professional who is diligent and attentive to my concerns. She is driven to win and puts her client’s interests ahead of everything else. Her direct approach in solving my problems by listening and asking probing questions eased my apprehensions. Cindy’s legal wherewithal is undoubtedly why she is the best in her field of Family Law. I highly recommend Ms. Perusse and her law firm for any family matter that needs expeditious legal resolution.

Matt M. ~client 2013

Cindy Perusse was recommended to me as an expert in jurisdiction issues. During my lengthy divorce Cindy provided direction support, and most importantly expert representation. She took me from living in an abusive marriage to being a full time college student, senate president and confident women. I intend to retain Cindy Perusse for all of my future legal matters. She lives a life of integrity, honor and belief in standing up for those who desperately need a hero.” April 23, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity.

Kirsten K. ~client 2010

I am a disabled veteran and ​hired Cindy Perusse​​ for her divorce court knowledge as well as military laws pertaining to civilian divorce courts. She helped me out immensely. She worked with m​e​ and my ex to ensure a smooth custody change. I highly recommend her to all divorcees, but primarily to disabled military divorcees.

Dr. Rev. Donald, SSgt, USAF (RET) - 2016

I hired Cindy as my attorney for my divorce. Due to the fact that my first attorney didn’t work out, I hired Cindy at the last minute. She admirably stepped up to the plate and did a marvelous job. She was truly my advocate, my voice where I had none. She understood my tendency to not fight for what is right, because I fear confrontation and I have a big heart to a fault. I needed someone knowledgeable who could guide me as to what a fair settlement for all concerned was and give me a little nudge in the right direction when I got scared.

Dorian P.

Cindy Perusse has represented my interest with integrity and competence for two years. She has kept me informed of all developments pertaining to my case, which has given me a peace of mind I hadn’t known with previous lawyers. Her vast knowledge of family court proceedings has exceeded my expectations. I’d recommend Mrs. Perusse to anyone seeking an effective lawyer who gets results.

Ernest P.

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